Dog barks, gets sprayed by own collar

78022 I’m getting this for my dog. He’s soooo dramatic. He hears people screaming, he barks. He hears a gunshot, he barks. He hears explosions, well you get the idea.

Plenty of people have resorted to spray bottles or squirt guns to curtail canine barking, so this seems like a natural extension of that.

Oh wait. You can’t slide this $50 apparatus onto your dog’s existing collar and it uses special “unscented water-based solution” instead of plain old tap water.

And the battery only lasts four weeks? And the spray refill costs $10?? And a new battery costs $5??? And shipping costs $8???? I just talked myself right into a $1 squirt gun.

Still, though. Cool idea if you’ve got the money to spend on stuff like this.

The Bark Deterring Spray Collar [Hammacher Schlemmer]