Break free from the corporate Snuggie stranglehold by sewing your own


Are we still expected, in the year 2010, to pay $20 plus $8 shipping for a Snuggie? And another $8 shipping for a second bonus Snuggie? NO! Show the fat cats at the Snuggie conglomerate that you’re onto their little ruse. Take a big piece of fabric – any fabric you want! — cut some arm holes, and sew some arms onto the arm holes.

That sounds far more complicated than the sewing I’m used to (which mostly involves a stapler or nail gun) but a pleasant-looking lady over at Instructables has finally cracked the Snuggie code. What’s more, she’s been kind enough to share the secret with the world.

Advantages to making your own Snuggie:

  • It’s cheaper (unless you use really high-quality fabric, in which case…)
  • It’s higher-quality. The Snuggie I reviewed (and haven’t used since the review) seems highly flammable and definitely attracts a lot of static.
  • You can size it to fit you exactly.
  • More fabric pattern choices.
  • You can make your own pockets. I’d have one for my laptop, one for my Kindle, one for my glasses, one for my contacts, one for my phone, one for my camera, one for my keys, one for my inhaler, and one for my wallet. And a cup holder somehow.

Make Your Own Snuggie [Instructables]