XLR-to-USB cable brings you one step closer to music stardom


You’ve been working on your music career for 13 years now. Take things to the next level by purchasing a higher-quality microphone. You know, one with an XLR input. Ask any touring musician about microphones. They’ll all be like, “Dude. XLR all the way. You have to spend more than $5 on a microphone if you want to get a record deal. That’s how they keep the riff-raff out of the music business.”

Once you’ve got your own XLR mic, consider this XLR-to-USB cable for some reason. Couldn’t you just get an XLR cable that works with a standard 3.5mm microphone jack? Sure. But remember that you’re trying to impress people. And what’s more impressive than an XLR-to-USB cable? Besides putting stickers all over your instrument cases, that is.

Oh, just one more thing. You’ll have to order it from Japan. That’s extra cool points, though. It costs 4,980 yen – roughly $55.

USB-XLR Mike Cable [Thanko via Akihabara]

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