We Support Unconditionally: The Poor Man's Watch Forum


I do a lot of watch writing but I rarely tell you good people where to start your own collection. In a new series (or maybe not), I present to you something that we support unconditionally. Today’s WSU? The Poor Man’s Watch Forum.

When I started out reading watch blogs, the PMWF was a ray of hope in an otherwise strangely expensive and exclusive world. For every $1 million watch, there were plenty of great $200 watches for you and yours in the Sales and Trade forum while the main forum dedicated itself to the discussion of watches most folks would overlook.

While I can’t support their love of Invicta, their appreciation of Seiko is almost magical to behold, with entire threads dedicated to the vagaries of straps to regular “what are you wearing today” threads (“Morning! NICE one Kevin! Thumbs up! Smile Going with this today…”). Totes a good time.

So check them out. They’re good guys. If you have an idea for upcoming WSU stories, let us know. We want to share the love.