U.S. military now wants 3D surveillance cameras. Avatar invented 3D, you know.


In a sense, the following story can be summed up thus: the US military wants new, hi-tech equipment. That’s not exactly breaking news, no, but there’s an Avatar connection, so if the world could stop rotating on its axis for a moment… It’s called Fine Detail Optical Surveillance, and the military wants Darpa to develop it. Think 3D spy cameras. Attach one to a Predator-type device and the boots on the ground—fresh-faced kids from the corn fields of Iowa—will be able to see the bad guys long before they know what’s going on. Woo!

Now, that’s what the Pentagon wants. Whether or not Darpa, made famous by Metal Gear Solid, can actually deliver it is another matter entirely.

It sorta sounds like the system that scans ports and other at-risk locations, and churns out “Doom-like graphics.

There’s really not too much more to this. I will say this, though: the next time you see stories touting Avatar as the highest grossing movie ever, please keep in mind that these stories don’t take inflation into account. Also, the average ticket price for 3D Avatar is $18, quite a bit more than plain ol’ 2D movies. Not taking inflation into account is like baking an apple pie, then saying the apple part is optional. It’s like, what?