Steorn to show off overunity Saturday: Where will you be when we discover limitless free energy?

Screen shot 2010-01-25 at 10.40.50 AM

This Saturday I’m probably going to wake up a little later (we have kids so that means like 8am) and maybe make some breakfast. Then maybe we’ll go for a walk in town here or the wife will take the kids to the Children’s Museum and I’ll do some writing. Then I’ll eat lunch with the fam, maybe watch a movie (probably some Disney stuff). The kids will eat dinner after that. That will make it about 6:30pm or so. The kids go to bed at 7pm so we’ll play with Legos for a while until it’s bathtime. Then they’ll go to bed and I’ll pour a glass of wine and wait for the age of fake endless free energy to sweep over us like a wave of Aquarian beauty, ending wars for oil forever and ushering in a new era of peace and tranquility.

Or maybe we’ll just watch the rest of season two of Breaking Bad. That show totally kicks ass.

Steorn, for those who forgot, is that Irish company offering up promises of overunity, one of the most popular perpetual motion scams. Here’s a delightful video:

Perpetual motion proponents always call themselves heretics. It becomes a religious argument to “deny” their discoveries and, as a result, they make people angry and they become indignant freedom fighters. After all, they burned Galileo for heresy!

In the end, this will be a let-down. But it sure is fun to follow and I’d be curious to know just what they’re selling aside from PT Barnum-esque bunkum.