Stealth social game developer Drimmi raises funding from Mangrove, ABRT

[Russia] Currently still in stealth mode, Moscow-based Drimmi aims to become the number one social game developer and publisher in the Russian Federation. And Mangrove Capital Partners and ABRT Venture Fund are betting money on them succeeding at it, investing “millions” into the startup.

Currently with a team of 20 people, Drimmi aims to use the extra capital to expand the resources spent on games in development and build regional technical offices. Drimmi is also developing solutions for social gaming analytics and marketing.

The company is currently finalizing the development of its first game, which it expects to launch in the coming weeks. There are 5 more games to be released by June 2010, and 10 more before the end of this year. Its strategy consists of become the leading social games developer in Russia first, and expand into major Western platforms later on.

Drimmi was founded by Nikita Sherman, former President of Mamba and social network, in September 2009.

(Hat tip to Yakov)