Spend that tax return on a $12,000 46" Bang and Olufsen TV (monocle not included)

To be fair, the $12,000 figure cited in the headline is pure guesswork on my part. But when the 40″ version of the TV, reviewed here at FlatPanelsHD, costs £6000 (about $10,000), it’s easy enough to do the math. These mega-lux TVs are meant to be the final word in current LCD TV technology — and will of course be worth less than a fig once AMOLED is the standard. Until then, however (probably two years), these B&O sets will remain, high-cost, high-quality, and high-fashion displays for you to watch heavily compressed cable news on.

Okay, okay, I’m being too harsh. The fact is these things look gorgeous and if they’d give me one, I’d gladly put it on my wall instead of the nothing that’s there right now. But the other fact is that they cost a huge amount of money and really, I doubt they produce $10,000 more picture quality than a mid-range Samsung (which provides B&O’s LCD panels) or another set aimed at mortals.