Juniper Systems rugged handheld is rugged

TK6000 Ultra Rugged Handheld Computer3Ruggedized computers are typically pretty ugly, and the Juniper Systems handheld is no exception. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and drops onto concrete from a height of up to 5ft without damage, it’d be the ideal thing for the construction site or roadworks project.

That’s not to say that this particular handheld is not without it’s own special charm. Built on a WinMo platform, think of this as a PDA that has grown into a monster. Available with GSM, and with multiple hardware configurations, it’s the type of thing you expect the utility guy to be carrying when he comes to read the meter. No word on exactly when it’ll be available or how much it will cost, but here’s some spec’s from the Juniper’s website:

* GSM cellular data modem expansion pack, optional (in North America)
* Magnesium enclosure – Survives multiple 5 foot drops to concrete
* Robust alphanumeric keyboard for high production data entry
* Outdoor readable color display
* Supports two batteries offering up to 32 hours runtime
* Two RS-232 serial ports, host and client USB ports
* Windows Mobile 6.1 with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

[via Ubergizmo]