Is This The Apple Tablet? (Pretty Pictures)


Who knows if these are real, but these are easily the most legitimate looking pictures I’ve ever seen of the supposed Apple Tablet/iPad/iSlate/iBook/Whatever It Will Be Called. Further, UI designer Dustin Curtis tells us a friend sent him these pictures — and from what we hear, that friend could work at Apple (he wouldn’t confirm that).

Or maybe Curtis made these himself and he’s just messing with us. If so, you should hire this guy.

Pick them apart in the comments and tell us what’s wrong. At the very least, these are 1000 times better than that video earlier.

Update: A lot of people across the Web are offering their image analysis of these shots and throwing doubt on their veracity. For instance, Cole Rise points out that the noise profile of the tablet is different than the laptop in the image, and concludes that it is a “very good fake, but pixels don’t lie.” (See his image, the second one below).