Breaking: Flurry Notices Cupertino-based Users Testing Apps on Apple Tablet

Flurry2Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, has noticed approximately 50 devices in the Cupertino that match the characteristics of Apple’s tablet device. Flurry claims to have reliably placed these devices on Apple’s Cupertino campus, and are confident that they are “observing a group of pre-release tablets in testing.”

This make sense – as the Apple Tablet has to be tested before it is announced this Wednesday, January 27 in San Francisco. Furthermore, Flurry has been an extremely reliable source on analytics data thus far and don’t often break stories unless they are sure they’ve checked their facts.

They’ve noticed that a large number of the apps downloaded were Games (140 total downloads or launches) and the next group was Entertainment, followed by News and Books. Here’s a chart of the usage data:
Flurry Graph 1

Flurry noticed a few additional pieces of information regarding the tablet. First, the fact that it is running iPhone apps that have Flurry installed implies that it will likely run the same apps you can currently download via iTunes.

Flurry also noticed that the Apple device was running on OS 3.2, which has not been announced. This confirms suspicions that the Apple Tablet will be accompanied by an announcement of a new iPhone OS. Flurry notes that this also jives with common practices for Apple, which tends to announce OS upgrades during the launch of new hardware.

The rest of the report is available here.