Does a frozen camera improve its ISO capabilities? 4Chan says so.

Please, take this advice lightly. It came from the bowels of 4Chan, after all. But it seems that a user froze his Sony A350 DSLR and actually got better results when shooting at ISO 3200. The results he posted seem to validate his results, but once again, this is from 4Chan home of everything that is vile, rotten and antisocial on the Internet.

1264179234006I’m not advising anyone to try this. (unless you wanna) I mean, I certainly don’t have the cash to buy another camera if this trick really doesn’t work. (but maybe you do) And it’s not like it’s all that pleasant to hold a frozen camera. (you could wear gloves) So please, just because some dbag at CrunchGear posted an Internet rumor that *might* improve your pictures, don’t stick your camera in the freezer. (use you wife’s)

4Chan (NSFW of course) via The Phoblographer via Photo Rumors