T-Mobile myTouch with a 3.5mm jack caught on camera

my touch

Not too long ago, HTC announced — much to our excitement — that they would be putting 3.5mm jacks in all of their handsets. In non-geek speak, that means that you wouldn’t need some annoying little one inch, easy-to-lose cable adapter just to be able to use your own headphones.

One of the last phones to sneak out with a non-3.5mm jack was the HTC T-Mobile myTouch. It was actually a pretty decent handset — but that useless jack really killed our buzz when we reviewed it. Fortunately, it looks like HTC and T-Mobile are going back to fix the error in their ways.

When the just-released Fender edition of the myTouch came down the pipes with a 3.5mm jack, folks got their hopes up that the original might see a revision. Sure enough – pictured above is the myTouch “v1.2”, an upcoming re-release of the myTouch complete with 3.5mm jack. The Fender edition also purportedly packs a RAM upgrade – no word yet if the new standard myTouch is getting that as well.

Don’t expect much fanfare when T-Mo releases the revised handset, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be too much longer before it happens.

Source: T-Mo News