Myxer Report: Android Outpaces iPhone Users For Downloading Mobile Content

Mobile content delivery company Myxer is releasing a report this morning that indicate much of what we already know about Google’s Android platform: Android is gaining traction in the mobile space. According to data provided by Myxer’s 30 million users, visits to Myxer’s mobile site from users on the Android operating system grew 350% in 2009, compared to the iPhone, which grew 170%. In total, Myxer delivered seven times more downloads to Android devices than iPhone devices in Q4 2009.

Myxer, which delivered ringtones and other content to 1,500 different devices in 2009, also delves into the break down by type of Android device, with HTC’s Dream/G1 commanding 35% of the unique users completing downloads on Android handsets in December. HTC’s myTouch, Motorola CLIQ, and Motorola Droid each used by 18%, 11%, and 7% (respectively) of total unique Android users on Myxer.

Myxer reports that the Blackberry Curve is the most frequented phone to visit Myxer’s mobile site to download content, with Windows Mobile and Palm devices decreasing in visits during 2009. Hip-Hop/R&B content dominates as a music genre; accounting for 77% of Android downloads and 47% of iPhone downloads.

The company seems to be doing fairly well in the mobile content space. Myxer just delivered 10 million ringtones to iPhone users (and 1 billion ringtones in all) and offers over 2 million free ringtones, wallpapers and videos. Users can also make their own ringtones, videos and wallpaper from music and files a customer already owns. And according to the company, its mobile site sees six million monthly unique visitors downloading over 85 million content items from Myxer each month. The startup also recently launched MobileStage, a suite of mobile marketing services aimed towards the music industry. Competitors include mSpot, Playphone and SendMe.