Posterous Turns Into A New Media Sharing Service For Twitter

Dead-simple blogging and content distribution service Posterous has long used the URL as a custom branded Web address for blog posts hosted on its platform. Today, the startup is announcing that it has turned into a destination site of its own, more specifically making it the latest media sharing service for Twitter.

Staying true to its well-earned reputation of keeping its services as simple as they are functional, Posterous has turned into something I can see myself using a lot going forward.

If you’re a Posterous user and logged on, will recognize you as such, or you can simply sign in with your username and password. You can then use the tool to send out a tweet to your Twitter account (which you can link up using the OAuth protocol) and add multiple media files like photos, videos, music, documents and more to your message.

If 140 characters doesn’t quite cut it for you, there’s an option to include an unlimited amount of extra text. Evidently, whatever you choose to publish will end up on on your Posterous blog and be distributed to your Twitter stream using Posterous’ auto-post technology.

If you’re not a Posterous user yet, using will work in the same fashion as sending an e-mail to for the first time: it will automatically set up a custom blog for you with your Twitter username, and you can later dive into the settings to configure the title, theme, etc. Couldn’t be easier.

Posterous is introducing this new feature / service because it hopes will introduce more people to their core service and entice them to discover more about what it’s capable of. As a Posterous user myself, I think it is also terribly useful for existing users, mainly because for whatever reason you currently can’t upload files to Posterous when you’re publishing a new blog post from the Web.