Star Wars Death Star Fathead coming in February for $100


There you go, right on the living room wall. A big, fat Death Star. I’d personally cut off all the fluff at the bottom there. It’s the Death Star. Not the Death Star, sponsored by Star Wars and a couple Fathead logos. It’s not some stadium with naming rights and all that.

The dimensions of the “high-grade vinyl” decal are a whopping 4’2″W x 4’2″H. And if your living room looks like that – nice furniture, etc. – and you actually stick this thing up on the wall in there then you, my friend, are someone I’d park myself next to at a dinner party. And if you’re married, well, hold on to that spouse of yours as if you’re waterskiing barefoot.

Death Star Fathead Wall Graphic [ via OhGizmo!]