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Digital Mission sending 39 UK companies to the US for South by South West interactive

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Digital_Mission_Union_Jack_Logo_SMALL[UK] Digital Mission returns for a second year to dispatch some the UK’s leading digital/tech companies to the US.

Organised by Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), 39 ‘digital’ SMEs have been selected to attend South by South West interactive (SXSWi), the well regarded conference for interactive media which takes place in Austin, Texas. This year’s event runs from the 11-17th of March.

Established in 1994, SXSWi provides an opportunity for the Digital Mission companies to attend hundreds of conference sessions and networking events. It’s also a great chance to formally and informally showcase new products amongst a vocal and early adopting crowd – Twitter, for example, is known to have first gained traction amongst the digerati at SXSWi.

Digital Mission received over 120 submissions and the eventual winners were selected by “an advisory board of industry experts drawn from the UK community including: VC’s, export specialists, legal experts, journalist and industry pundits.”

Here’s the full list of companies that have been picked.

  • Jonathan Deamer

    Always great to read about innovative UK companies crossing the pond.

    Even if for no other reason though, I like hearing about events like this because it often brings cool new startups to my attention. Codility and Qhub are both interesting ones I’d not heard of before, and it’s good to see things I’m already a fan of like Mendeley and Slicethepie getting continued recognition.

    Congrats all!

  • Matthew Ogston

    Thanks for the post Steve. We’re very happy to be selected to fly out with this year’s Digital Mission.

    Should be a fantastic experience for all those involved. We will be sharing our experiences on the PageDo blog ( as soon as we catch up with things.

  • led display
  • Rob Mathieson

    Does anyone know when the next digital mission is on?

  • Web Design Newcastle

    Who went in 2011?

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