Did you know? You can make furniture out of wood chips and resin!

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Chances are you already have some furniture made of wood pulp and sawdust in your home — all that Ikea stuff? Yeah. But this is a little different. Some brave furniteers (?) decided that the texture of raw wood bits and resin was too attractive to leave in the workshop, so they put together a few casts and made a coffee table and some stools with it. I think it turned out quite nicely, and as they note at Make, the way the legs are attached organically to the table is particularly striking.


Obviously this isn’t really a project for mere dabblers — consult your local carpenter or crafty person if this sounds cool to you. The materials, however, are pretty easy to come by. I mean, I sprinkle a new layer of sawdust on my apartment every week instead of cleaning. Saves so much time!

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