You eat dinner on a folding table, why not use one for your computer?


Work at home? Live in a shoebox? You don’t need a big computer desk! Just get one of these folding ones. At 9:00 every morning, set up your gigantic printer and your laptop on this multi-level computer cart. Hell, get a desktop computer and a CRT monitor while you’re at it! 

Then at 5:00 every evening, fold it all down to 4.75 inches thick and stuff it under the couch. I don’t know where you should put that huge printer, though. Why’d you even buy that thing? To print out driving directions? You live in the middle of the city in a tiny apartment and you don’t even have a car! Come on, man!

So how much does the ultimate in computing mobility cost? It used to cost $90 but now it costs $70. The thing weighs 27 pounds, too. That’s a lot more than your TV tray.

Fold-ez Computer Cart [SkyMall]