TechCrunch Europe Events In 2010

TechCrunch Europe is proud to announce the first tranche of events we’re planning this year. Now, before anyone gets upset that their city or event is not on this list, please be aware this is what we are putting our efforts into right now. We are working on adding more events at other times in the year. We’ve set up ticketing sites for you now so you can actually go and get early bird ticket prices right now. See below for details.

From now on, each month we’ll be doing an ‘Upcoming Event’ post covering our own upcoming events, those we’re partnering with and those we think are of particular, special interest to the tech community. To enquire about formal media partnership with TechCrunch Europe please contact our commercial partnerships and event sponsorship manager Petra(@) in the first instance. To keep TechCrunch Europe informed of your upcoming event, get in touch with editorial. Also see our RSS and Twitter feed to keep up to date.