The ITG xpPhone gets officially priced

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Its only been around 8 months since the xpPhone β€” a phone which, as the name implies, runs Windows XP β€” made its online debut, but its already caused quite the rift between the mega-geeks. One camp seems to think its the coolest thing since air-conditioned underpants; the other seems to think it’s a big pile of nonsense.

Throughout all of this dweeby disputing, one important item remained a mystery: the price. Consider that mystery solved.

Various elements of the phone (color, Windows XP/Windows 7, etc) are customizable, so the price varies a bit. But according to the manufacturer, the phone will always come in somewhere between 2999 and 4500 Chinese RMB; on this side of the pond, that works out to 400-650 bucks.

What say you, dear reader? Would you drop right around 500 bucks for a brick-sized handset that runs Windows XP?

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