Adtelligence gives OpenX reporting a visual makeover

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adtelligence[Spain] Red CPA, an advertising network based in Spain, reckons that they have seen a gap in the market with regards to the reports produced by the popular open source ad server OpenX.

Adtelligence gives OpenX a lot more color if you will, by providing visual reporting and analytics on top of OpenX, which is currently used by around 50,000 publishers and serves up 300 billion impressions per month. Adtelligence wants to become the reporting platform of choice for OpenX’s thousands of publishers by being a whole lot more manageable through its visual approach.

Adtelligence runs on Amazon cloud and is available at no cost for the basic version, which lacks user administration, optimization and inventory administration, and yield management. If and when they reach a reasonably sized userbase and demand, they’ll move to a freemium model with a Pro version.

Pro will include advanced segmentation, inventory and yield management. Their system will read each page’s content and associate it automatically with advertising categories based on previous campaign history and machine learning. This way campaign placement can be predicted and optimized automatically for better results.

RedCPA has been around for just over a year, running on initial funding of €150.000 and €350.000 from NEOTEC (public soft loan), with turnover already at €1.2 million. The company is currently seeking a second round of funding. Founders Juan Dominguez, a recognized professional in the online sector here in Spain, and Jorge Rincón, boast extensive experience at Orange and

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