'Pet project' CeeVee sold after only 6 months in beta

This has got to be one of the fastest exits we’ve seen for a while. Simplified online CV builder CeeVee has actually now been sold after only launching into a public beta in July last year. Then again, it was only started by Romania-based and British ex-pat entrepreneur Lee Wilkins as a pet project.

Lateral Romania, a technology software provider, has acquired the site. Terms were undisclosed. Lateral runs sites like Jobberbase.com (open-source job board software) and job aggregators Job-job.co.uk, Jobjob.ro and Jobber.ro (an IT specialist recruitment website in Romania).

Wilkins says initial partnership discussions eventually turned into a sale. He says Lateral “has a lot more resources on board and expertise in the job market” than CeeVee was going to be able to acquire quickly. Wilkins will will stay on board until the migration completes.

The appeal of the simpler interface of these CV builder sites has seen something of a goldrush with sites like VisualCV and JobSpice appearing. Part of the reason is that LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to export or share your resume in a widgety, social way (as yet), as these sites tend to do.