Nokia N900 gets another software update


Are you rocking a Nokia N900 yet? If you hail from the US, probably not — they do sell’em here, but the carrier-folk (read: T-Mobile) have yet to put it on their shelves. If you plan on buying one in the near future, however, be happy: it just got a wee bit better.

In its second software update this week, the Nokia N900 packs a bunch of small but worthwhile goodies. They’ve tucked in Exchange 2003 support, global address lookup, a UI overhaul for the Ovi Maps application, and performance tweaks all around.

So how do you get it? Sit tight – it’ll come to you over-the-air sometime soon, and you’ll be prodded to confirm the update when it’s ready. If you’re the anxious type you might be able to nab it a bit early with the Nokia Software Updater, but I can’t promise that.