Ikan uses Android to reorder groceries

yhst-49662600587278_2033_366445Making a list of the stuff you use every day in the kitchen it just too damn hard, eh? The creator of the Ikan thought so, which is why he created a device that allows you to track what you use on a daily basis. And it runs Android!

The concept is sound. As you finish using a product, before you dispose of if, scan it with the Ikan. The system will then log that you need a new jar of vegamite, and keep a running list of what you ran out of. On a preset day, it’ll email you the list of items that you used up, allowing you to print it out and take the list with you to the store, or read it on your phone as you shop.

You can also use the built in voice recorder to make list of thing that you might have ran out of that don’t have a barcode, such as produce. The Ikan device will then include those items on your generated shopping list as well. The Ikan plans to offer a “HomeGrocer” style system as well, where you can have the device automatically order replacement groceries for you, thus avoiding mingling with the unwashed masses.

Hopefully you have $400 to spend on all the techy goodness. If you do, it’s available now.