VIA launches their wee server, the M'SERV

photo03VIA just launched their latest little computer, the M’SERV S2100. Designed for the small business and home user, the M’SERV uses a VIA 64-bit processor with support for DDR2 and SATA.

The M’SERVE also has a bootable CF socket, allowing you to install your OS on a compact flash card, and then boot from said card. A pretty neat feature. The S2100 also has dual gigabit LAN, and very low power consumption so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving it on all the time. VIA hasn’t announced how much the M’SERVE is going to cost, or when it will be available.

From the press release:

Thanks to the VIA Nano processor and its 64-bit architecture and integrated hardware assisted virtualization technology, the VIA M’SERV S2100 is capable of hosting multiple virtual environments. In addition, the VIA VX800 single-chip media system processor provides support for SATA, USB, and a whole host of other essential functions.
The VIA M’SERV S2100 mini server is even smaller than most small form factor (SFF) desktop PCs. Its ultra compact size and whisper quiet operation makes it a perfect server for the home, or any place where space is at a premium or noise is an issue.