Former AOL Advertising SVP Eric Bosco Lands Management Position At comScore

A little over two months ago, The Business Insider reported that AOL’s Senior Vice President of Global Products and U.S. Operations, Eric Bosco, had left the building.

The information was correct, and now comScore informs us Bosco has joined them as Chief Product Officer. In this newly created position, he will be overseeing comScore’s global product development efforts.

Bosco was with AOL for a stunning 13.5 years, which is like an eternity in this business. At AOL, he held a variety of positions, most recently as SVP of Global Products and U.S. Operations at AOL Advertising. When Bosco made the switch from Oracle to AOL back in 1996, he played an instrumental role in its online efforts as co-creator of AOL Instant Messaging, writing most of the AIM backend software.

He ultimately become responsible for managing all of AOL’s community and communications products including AIM, Email, Chat, Blogs, Wireless and Telephony as VP, Community and Communications Engineering. From October 2005 to March 2008, he was the lead product manager of AOL’s unit.

Bosco directed a number of AOL acquisitions, including Quigo, Tacoda, and Third Screen Media and drove development of a single targeting suite for AOL’s Platform-A products.

At comScore, he’ll be heading up global development of its array of syndicated products and services. I wouldn’t be surprised if that includes more acquisitions of smaller audience measurement firms down the line.

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