HTC to sell 8 handsets through T-Mobile alone in 2010?


Making 8 different handsets is no big feat — Hell, Samsung will probably launch 4 or 5 by the time I’m done typing this post — but getting 8 handsets onto one carrier in one year? Not too shabby.

That’s what HTC will be doing in 2010 with T-Mobile, says one of Boy Genius’ boys. It’s important to note that not all of these handsets are necessarily new – we’re counting SKU by SKU here, some of which are already in the system. The myTouch 3G and myTouch3G Fender edition probably count as two separate handsets here, and the third is most likely the HD2. You can’t buy the Nexus One through T-Mobile yet, so that might not count; but if they start selling it anytime in 2010 (which doesn’t seem too insane), that’s number four.

As for the other four? Your guess is as good as ours, though the original source says it should be about 50/50 in terms of Android/Windows Mobile handsets.