Apple tablet 'confirmed' by France Télécom

It sure does seem that the Apple tablet has been confirmed several times in the past few months. Well, here we go again! As some of you have already read on TechCrunch, a France Télécom/Orange executive has “confirmed” the existence of Apple’s highly anticipated tablet computer during a broadcast interview. Here’s hoping Apple releases the tablet as soon as possible so we can all move on with our lives.

Video of the exchange has been embedded (hat tip: SlashGear) for your convenience. You’re looking for the word “oui,” for that’s how the exec, one Stéphane Richard, finishes the statement, “According to Le Point, in a couple of days Apple will be releasing its tablet computer…”

I’m going to break some news for y’all: Apple will probably release a tablet computer soon. It had better be amazing, lest the tech press declare it “not ambitious enough,” or some other crazy thing like that.