Googlle Gets A Sexy New Logo; Remains Sketchy

Screen shot 2010-01-10 at 11.06.43 AM

Last week, we covered Googlle opening a school in India. Googlle, not to be confused with Google. Obviously, this was a site and service set up to trick people, as they were even ripping-off Google’s logo. Well guess what? After the publicity, they decided to switch up some things.

Most notably, you’ll see that the Googlle Institute has a brand new, beautiful logo, as Fake Steve noticed today. Gone is the Google font and colors. It has been replaced by “Googlle” written in red. I’m not sure what the font is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Googlle wasn’t supposed to be using it.

You’ll also notice a new “declaration” at the bottom of the site:

We are no way related to Google Search Engine, Neither We want to copy the name or take advantage of that name & Pronounciation of same is different as “Google”.

Poor English aside, I’m going to assume Google India may not have been too happy about the site, and this is Googlle trying to cover itself.

They also apparently took the time to fix all the broken links (simply by removing many of them). They’ve also switched up theĀ curriculum, now offering a 1-year program for a “googlle intern.” Hurry, they’re accepting applications now!

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[thanks Brinke]