Hands-on Sennheiser/Adidas 680 sports headphones


We found a pair of these previously announced Sennheiser headphones here at CES and got a hands-on demo for you guys.

The short version: They have a rugged, solid feel and great sound quality. A bit pricey, but if you are an avid outdoorsman, you won’t go wrong with these.

There are four models in the series. All have a reported frequency response of 18Hz – 20kHz, maximum output of 120 dB (save the MX which peaks at 118 dB), and 16 Ω’s of impedance. The kevlar-reinforced cable is a bit short, which cuts down on the amount of bounce while you’re running. You can add a cable extension if you want, which also gives you an in-line remote with volume control and a shirt clip. The headphones can supposedly withstand temperatures of up to (or down to, in this case) -10 degrees Centigrade. Unfortunately, no one at CES was showcasing a super walk-in freezer, so I wasn’t able to give these headphones a proper test. Nor was there a sauna company, so their sweat-proof claim is untested as well.

DSC00479The difference in the models are in the design styles. The OMX are pictured above, and go over your ears. I wasn’t able to get a good fit with them, due to my glasses. The MX and CX in-ears are shown to the left, with only the CX actually going into your ear-canal. The “ear-fin” secures the earbuds against the inside of your ear. It works, but it’s not the most comfortable configuration. The PMX, below, is a neckband design, and in my opinion, the most secure fitting and comfortable of all four.

The audio quality across all four is great all around. If you jog often, and utilize your media player while you do so, these headphones are a good investment. Provided you have the 80 to 120 bucks for them.