Review: WristOffice mobile device holder


“I will wear the WristOffice all day today.” That was the promise I made to company president Walt Froloff. He was sitting behind Matt, Nicholas, and me in the Sahara’s coffee shop this morning and overheard that we were powerful, handsome, world-famous technology bloggers.

He started showing off his $80 WristOffice system, which was born out of an inline skating wristguard. A simple apparatus that you wear around your wrist, holding your phone in place via good old fashioned Velcro – Velcro making all cell phone accessories “universal” by default.

I told him that if he sent me one, I’d take a look at it. “Well I’m not going to just give one to you unless you use it,” said Froloff. “Well played,” I thought, “This guy means business. He’s hungry but not foolish. I like the cut of his jib.”

Hence, my promise to wear the WristOffice today. What better place to test it out than CES? After going into my pocket for my phone countless times yesterday, perhaps having it permanently affixed to my wrist will save time and energy.

Against my better judgment, I removed the Mophie protective case from my phone and – something I never thought I’d do in a million years – slapped a Velcro sticker onto the back of my fastidiously clean iPhone.

So without further hoopla, herein lies a running timeline of my day with the WristOffice.


8:30AM: Walt Froloff talks me into wearing the WristOffice all day. Velcro and stickers abound.


8:35AM: I initially have the WristOffice facing upwards the same way Walt wears his. After a few minutes, though, I get nervous and turn the apparatus around military-style. Walt says people do that until they get used to it.


9:03AM: I find that wearing this thing military-style makes typing a little awkward at first since my phone keeps bumping into the edge of my laptop. But the phone can be removed thanks to the magic of Velcro.

9:16AM: People walk up to talk to me and then point at my wrist until I explain to them what’s going on.

9:20AM: My left hand is a little cold for some reason. Chalking it up to WristOffice-induced circulation problems, I loosen the straps a bit.

9:45AM: I find that urinating with my cell phone six inches from my wee wee makes me nervous. Instead, I hold my left hand high above my head to avoid splashback and use my right hand to finesse the stream.

10:32AM: It’s starting to feel more natural. I can still tell it’s there but I’m getting used to it for sure. And it’s nice not having to dig into my pockets to try to find my phone.

11:12AM: Phone is on vibrate. Incoming calls feel weird but I haven’t missed a call due to the phone being in my pocket or bag.

2:00PM: Starting to feel a little chafe-y on my skin by now. I can tell it’ll feel like taking off ice skates at the end of the day. I doubt people would just wear this non-stop and I have been wearing it for 5+ hours without adjusting it or taking it off.

2:46PM: Curiosity about this thing is reaching a fever pitch. Everyone keeps asking what the hell’s on my wrist. Itchiness is also reaching a fever pitch.

4:23PM: I’ve now mentioned the WristOffice on CrunchGear’s live stream,, and TechVi.

4:32PM: Can’t take it any more. This thing isn’t meant to be worn non-stop for this long. Gave it away live on the CrunchGear CES stream. The lucky winner is MartynMJ.

4:35PM: Ahhhhh… it is indeed just like taking off ice skates.


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