Parrot’s iPhone-controllable AR.Drone will result in UFO sightings everywhere


The AR.Drone from Parrot is a remote-controlled flying machine that’s made of plastic and foam and is about the size of a pizza pan. It’s got two on-board cameras that stream video directly to your iPhone with translucent touch controls overlaid atop the video. So you literally see what the drone sees and can make it spin around and go up and down using the onscreen controls. Steering is handled by the iPhone’s accelerometer. It’s all very, very cool.

Parrot wouldn’t budge when it came to pricing and only said it’d be available “sometime this year.” We’ll post more info as we get it over the coming weeks and months. If you’ve been following our live video stream from CES, there’s video of the AR.Drone in action (this video here, about an hour and 15 minutes in). More info at Parrot’s website, too.

AR.Drone [Parrot]