ION's iType full-sized iPhone keyboard could be great, if it weren't for Apple.

Screen shot 2010-01-08 at [ January 8 ] 10.42.04 AM

We’re big fans of the idea of external keyboards for the iPhone around these parts, so I more than get where ION’s going with the nearly full-sized keyboard accessory they just launched. Unfortunately, decisions on Apple’s part keep the idea from really being worthwhile.

You see, limitations of the iPhone platform prevent accessories like this from being able to input keystrokes to any and all applications. As a result, ION’s new keyboard can only type into its own companion app, from which you can then take the text and push it into an email or copy it to your clipboard for use in any other app. It’s by no means the optimal execution, but it’s about as good as it gets until Apple gets around to supporting proper text-input.

No official word yet on pricing, but we’ve heard rumblings that they’re aiming for around $100 bucks.