Welcome To The HouseOfPalm, Home To Palm webOS Apps

Not content with the Android Market website (and with good reason), a couple of Frenchmen last year built AndroLib to provide a decent online experience for people looking to browse available Android apps.

As long as Google doesn’t improve the Android Market site (or release a proper desktop app à la iTunes), AndroLib is basically the best website to browse Android apps, period.

Now the team that built AndroLib is attempting to do the same for the Palm webOS applications store, with a new site called HouseOfPalm.

The design is similar to AndroLib, as is its goal: to provide a place where people can discover new apps for Palm webOS online, easily and rapidly. You can browse all apps by category or get notified about all new apps by RSS. HouseOfPalm also boasts ratings, details about the app (including version number, size, etc.), screenshots and more – far more than the official Palm webOS app store website has to offer.

Unlike AndroLib, HouseOfPalm doesn’t boast any stats or charts (yet), but a quick glance reveals that there are about 50 pages with 20 applications, meaning the total catalog on HouseOfPalm boasts around 1,000 applications and games. For comparison, AndroLib pegs the number of Android apps at around 22,200 and Apple’s App Store has well over 100,000 applications to offer.

If you’re carrying around a recent Palm device with webOS, be sure to bookmark this one.

Update: Palm Pre community site PreCentral last week launched a webOS App Gallery destination.