Kensington’s new universal laptop charger, she is wonderfully tiny


Just met with Kensington here at CES and they’ve got a universal notebook charger coming out next month that uses 30% less energy than conventional adapters and is, perhaps more importantly, very nicely sized at 4.5" x 2.2" x 0.8" – the photos don’t quite do it justice. I thought it was a larger external backup battery for a cell phone at first.


The adapter features tips for most major laptop brands (except for Apple, of course, as Apple doesn’t license its MagSafe technology out to anyone) and there’s a built-in USB charging port and retractable USB cable for good measure.

Two kits will be available – a standard charging kit for $100 and a kit with an additional airplane plug for $120. They’ll be out in early February but can be pre-ordered now at Kensington’s site.

Wall Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter [Kensington]

Wall-Air Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter [Kensington]