Tweety Got Back Will Put Some Eye Candy Behind Your Tweets

Themes are a becoming an increasingly popular way to personalize all parts of your everyday web experience. Most platforms, social media applications and even browsers offer a way to personalize. Firefox has Personas, Google’s Chrome has Themes, and FriendFeed also offers a personalization skin. And as Twitter’s popularity has grown, the microblogging site has added its own themes, with many startups, such as TwitPaper, TwitterBackgrounds and TwitBacks, offering additional customized backgrounds for your home page. Tweety Got Back joins the pack with its offering of free Twitter themes.

It’s fairly simple to add any of Tweety Got Back’s themes to your Twitter page. Simply log in to the site with your Twitter credentials, find a theme and click apply. Themes range from holidays, movies, celebrities, photography and even independent artists and designers. Happy theming!