The Nexus One Gets A Priceless Ad On Google's Homepage

The Nexus One marketing blitz continues. The first official “Google phone” is now being prominently featured on the search giant’s famously spartan homepage. This is the kind of advertising that money can’t buy, because it simply isn’t for sale. And because Google almost never features ads on the page, you can be sure it’s going to be catching quite a few eyeballs. Last time an ad popped up here John Gruber called it “the most valuable ad space on the entire Internet”.

Yes, Google has done this before for previous Android launches (the Droid and the G1), so this wasn’t totally unexpected. But it’s clearly not the kind of move Google takes lightly. It’s also the first time Google has featured an ad on its homepage since it rolled out its even-more-minimalist fading homepage. You’ll notice that the Nexus One ad is one of the few elements of the page that appears on load, before everything else fades in.