Live at Motorola’s CES press conference


After a day full of jamming in stale meeting rooms all day, the Motorola’s club venue is a nice change. And we hear Motorola has something special to announce. I don’t know, maybe a new phone sort of thing. We’ll find out shortly.


We’re live at the Mirage’s Revolution Lounge. This is where all the cool kids probably hang. Maybe. I don’t know really. It’s the club next to the Beatles show.


And we’re stating. First up is Droid info. The second major update is coming soon.


Moto has been working with Adobe to bring Flash 10.1 to Android. This feature will get pushed out in an upcoming update. A specific date wasn’t given.

Motorola is committed to updating previous models. The Cliq will get the Android 2.1 treatment shortly. The MotoBlur is getting updated too, but we’re not sure how.

And the new product: the Moto Backflip with MotoBlur.

 IMG_0314 IMG_0317 IMG_0316

The phone itself seems to a slightly different form factor with a different clamshell design. The phone will be launched world-wide, but Moto isn’t ready to announce the US carrier yet. Boo.



Stick around for the hands-on. It should be up shortly.