FriendFeed Clone Cliqset Upgrades Real-Time Platform With Sharing, Groups And Firefox Add-On

We’ve written several times about Cliqset, a FriendFeed-like online identity platform that lets users merge and share a vast variety of social information, including status updates, location, photos, and more, onto one platform. Cliqset, which offers both a web-based and newly launched desktop app, aims to be a one-stop-shop for social communications, pulling in content from close to 70 social networks and services, including MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and more. Users can also update their status, and share photos, bookmarks, reviews on Cliqset and push them out to wherever they choose. Today, Cliqset has launched a new version that includes increased sharing capabilities, organizational tools to separate streams, and more.

The latest version of Cliqset features widespread file sharing functionality (music, podcasts, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents). Users can share the various types of files with other Cliqset users as part of real-time activity streams. Users can also now organize content from the people they’re following into real-time ‘streams’ of information, allowing users to filter the noise from their aggregate streams. And Cliqset has added a groups functionality that lets users form sub-communities and conversations around various interests as well as the ability to turn on geolocation.

Cliqset’s new Firefox extension allows users to share compelling content they discover while surfing the Web. The platform has features an enhanced desktop app, which is powered by Adobe Air.

As we’ve said in the past, the real-time social media stream is fast becoming a crowded space with Threadsy, Streamy and others launching compelling, social media aggregation platforms. And Seesmic is entering the fray with the acquisition of Darren Bounds, president of Cliqset, has told us that the platform aims to be a less clunky version of FriendFeed, with a target audience of users who aren’t as technologically savvy. Cliqset will be launching an iPhone app in the near future and is currently developing a browser extension for Chrome.