MG Talks The Nexus One On Attack Of The Show: "It's A Nice Little Device"

Yesterday, G4’s Attack Of The Show had our own MG Siegler on to talk about the Nexus One, Googles’ much-hyped new smartphone. MG’s early verdict? It’s “a nice little device”, and “by far the sexiest Android device [he’s] ever seen”.

The 5-minute interview covers many of the phone’s new features, including voice-to-text and 3D graphics capable of rendering a mobile version of Google Earth. They also discuss the revelation that Verizon will be supporting Google’s new distribution model. And there’s even a brief discussion on the Nexus One’s ability to handle ASCII genitalia, if that’s your thing.

MG has long been on the Apple side of the iPhone/Android religious battle. But he’s giving the new phone a solid shot, and may even wind up switching to it as his primary phone (at least until the next iPhone comes out). I’m sure he’ll have more to say on the matter later this month.