Live at the CES10 Asus Event

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We’re now live at the ASUS event at CES10. Right now the CEO is just talking about the current financial climate. Please hold.

1:45PM – ASUS won 3,000 awards including a reddot design award.
1:47PM – Still talking about awards.
1:48PM – OK. New stuff.

1:50PM – Shows off new GF73. Looks like the stealth bomber.
1:53PM – 1GB ATI Radeon HD5870 graphics card. Throttle performance up and down. Blu-Ray playback.


1:55PM – Designer Karim Rashid is helping to create new designs. This guy gets around. He’s been in MoMA. You’d recognize his wonky trash cans.


1:57PM – EEE PC Seashell Karim Rashid collection. Quilted style cover, looks sort of like carbon fiber.
1:59PM – Permalinks got messed up. Everything is fine now.


2:00PM – Bamboo laptops!


2:02PM – Binding bamboo into plastic to create a bamboo laptop case. Bamboo collection. Metal hinge with bamboo top.
2:05PM – Intel Core i5, USB 3.0 10X speed, Auto Switch Graphics. Actually quite cool.

2:08PM – Last product. Take PCs into territory that has been privileged.
2:09PM – NX90 series laptop. Massive, monstrous. Completely smooth touchpad area. Huge screen.

2:11PM – Collaborated with B&O. Uses polished aluminum. Speakers are outside of the product. The entire package is a touchpad



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