Lenovo Skylight: Snapdragon smartbook is super thin, super light, and pricey


Looks like we’re about to see Qualcomm’s ARM-based Snapdragon platform finally start to take off this year. One of the first devices out of the gate will be Lenovo’s unique “Skylight” smartbook.

It’s a netbook-ish computer that weighs less than two pounds, sports 10-hour battery life, and an interface (Linux, presumably) full of continuously updating widgets. Wi-Fi and 3G connections are built in and the computer will be sold directly from Lenovo and through AT&T starting in April. There’s also a unique integrated USB stick that swivels out and detaches for taking your data with you elsewhere.

The price tag is going to be a sticking point for some people: $499 unlocked. These Snapdragon smartbooks are supposed to be priced around $200, right? Subsidized units sold through AT&T ought to be priced more aggressively. At any rate, you get a 10.1-inch screen at 720p resolution, HD playback, and a relatively spacious keyboard. We’ll take a closer look at CES but here’s a demo video in the mean time.

Lenovo Skylight [Press Release]