TechCrunch, The Google Chrome Extension

I’ve enjoyed using Google’s Chrome browser ever since it was introduced back in September 2008, albeit using other browsers alongside for different purposes. With the launch of Extensions for Chrome, the need to occasionally fire up Firefox or Opera has diminished, and I doubt I’ll be using any browser other than Chrome much in 2010. Just to drive home the point that Google Chrome Extensions, though still in beta, is a crucial feature for the fledgling desktop browser.

And now self-proclaimed TechCrunch addict and student at Illinois Institute of Technology Viggnesh Kandasamy has hashed together a basic extension designed to let Chrome users stay on top of what gets published on here. More reason to love Chrome Extensions (and more reason to love our fans).

The add-on for Chrome is fairly rudimentary: installing it will add a favicon in the top menu that will open up a window displaying the last four articles published on TechCrunch when clicked. Clicking the headlines shows a short description before a ‘read more’ link, and you also get to share the link instantly on Twitter and/or Facebook. In addition, you get a box that allows you to run a search for companies, people and more who’ve appeared on this site or in CrunchBase.

What more would you like to see added to the extension?

Let us know in comments; Kandasamy will be reading them.