On Formspring.me, Anyone Can Ask You Anything. And You'll Love It.

No matter what anyone says, one of the most fundamentally appealing qualities of social sites like Twitter and Facebook is the notion that people actually care what you’re doing or sharing. When someone ‘Likes’ your photo album on Facebook, it makes you feel good. Formspring.me is a new service that takes this feeling to a new level. It lets you invite anyone on the web to ask you questions, and gives you a platform to answer them. It’s your own personal interview. And it looks like the site is quickly taking off: a quick search on Twitter for ‘formspring.me’ yields dozens of results in the last minute alone.

The site’s core functionality is incredibly simple. You invite people to ask you any question they want (they can opt either to leave the question anonymously or leave their user info). Then, the next time you log into the site, you’re shown a list of pending questions in your inbox. You select which questions you want to answer and delete the ones you don’t. Your answers can be a word long, or you can write a few paragraphs if you want to.