Social Network Removes 5,000 Users For Putting On Weight During Holiday Season

No doubt seeking attention by making controversial decisions and statements, elitist social networking site says it has kicked out 5,000 users because other members signaled that they became too chubby celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

The social network, which prides itself in not letting ‘ugly’ people enter the site, claims these users had it coming by putting pictures of themselves celebrating during the holiday season, revealing that they ‘may have let themselves go’. The company also says ‘vigilant members, who take pride in the standards demanded by the site, called for action’.

Following complaints, moved to place thousands of users back in the rating stage, after which only a couple of hundred members got back in after review from existing members. According to the company’s statement, most people that got banned for being ‘overweight’ came from the US (1,520), UK (832) and Canada (533).

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