Beam me up, Scotty: Some weird wristband lets to you talk to the hand


Helium Digital just announce what is essentially a wristband communicator for Bluetooth enabled phones. You pair it, wear it, and, umm… talk into it.

This $85 device has voice caller ID, vibration feature, and four hours of talk time with 160 hours of standby. It also supports stereo Bluetooth (why?) and includes some noise cancellation circuitry.

Presumably if you’re on the go you slap this on and talk into your wrist but I’d be hard pressed to find a situation where a headphone wasn’t sufficient. Skiing? With a helmet maybe?

“Helium Digital Announces New HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator – Handsfree Communication for an Active Lifestyle”

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – January 4th, 2010 – Helium Digital, a Canadian company specializing in trend forward accessories for digital devices, has announced the launch of their new HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator. The HDBT-990 is a stylish, lightweight device that wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, allowing you to receive calls directly from the wristband.

The HDBT-990 provides handsfree communication for an active lifestyle. It is perfect for use while running, biking, golfing, or many other activities for which a standard Bluetooth headset may not be suitable. The incoming call vibration alert will silently alert the user to incoming calls, which the user can then answer directly from the wristband.

Specifications of the HDBT-990 are as follows;

• Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
• Audible Caller ID
• Incoming Call Vibration Alert
• Out of Range Vibration Alert
• Up to 4 hours talk time, and 160 hours standby time.
• Supports A2DP (Stereo), Headset, and Handsfree Bluetooth profiles.
• Echo elimination and noise cancellation to optimize call clarity.

The HDBT-990 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $89.99 CAD, and will be on display at the Helium Digital booth during the 2010 International CES.