Are you a small business? Do you want Windows 7 for 50 percent off? You can have that!


Microsoft has devised a way to induce people to upgrade from old versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and the like) to the shiny, new Windows 7. And what would that be? Oh, you know, 50 percent off the cost of a license for small-to-mid-size businesses. That means Windows 7 Professional upgrade for $35.

Of course, there are exceptions and whatnot. For one, the 50 percent offer only accounts for the first year of an Open Value Subscription. (Open Value Subscriptions allow businesses to pay for Microsoft software over a period of time rather than in one shot.) The deal is only available through June, and can be applied to Windows 7 Professional upgrade and Office 2007 Professional Plus. Once Office 2010 rolls around the deal will apply to that.

In other Windows deals, that Windows 7 for $30 for students runs out today at midnight. So if you’re a student, or at least have access to a dot edu e-mail address, better get cracking.

via ZDNet