Is Asus killing off the Eee Stick?

asus_eee_stick2The Asus Eee Stick might be dead, folks. According to a Digitimes report, the company has slashed the development department down to only 20 team members from the original 100 and more cuts might be coming. Long story short, the department isn’t delivering the goods. I mean, have we ever seen a good use of the Eee Stick? It’s not like the Eee netbooks were ever that great at gaming.

The original idea of turning a PC into a Wii was solid, but Asus never really marketed the products outside of an novelty Eee accessory. Off-the-wall accessories like the Eee Stick rarely stick around anyway. Chances are if we don’t hear anything about the product next week at CES, the Eee Stick will be put out to the pasture to quietly fade away like the rumor suggests.