The courts say don't blame Apple if your iPod caused you to go deaf

baby-ipodThe Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a 2008 ruling that stated the iPod does not pose an unreasonable risk for hearing loss even though everyone knows the old stock iPod earbuds were the worst earbuds ever made. (I added that last part) The original case argued that because the iPod earbuds were designed to sit so far back in the ear, and the iPod itself does not have any volume meters or noise-isolating properties, that the device could be made safer. But the courts just told the plaintiffs to shut-up and sit down.

The planintiffs in the case were seeking money damages and that Apple would release an iPod with better volume controls and earbuds. But as we all know, the latest stock iPod earbuds are worlds better than the original although they probably still aren’t good enough for these chaps. People should just do what I do and not use an iPod at all.